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With your help Francis will always receive excellent care

Recently Francis discovered he has five blockages in his heart and it's too risky to open his chest again to operate after already having had two open-heart operations. Francis is surviving on medication.

"When you have a heart problem after a while you get to know when the pain is serious. The pressure is just incredible, like someone has jumped on your chest and there is a throbbing pain on the side of your neck. Sometimes it goes down my right arm, that's when I get a bit... more concerned and ring the hospital."

He said without the doctors and nurses it would be very dangerous for him. "I need their help to ensure I stay alive."

While Francis' life hangs in the balance, it is the care of the doctors and nurses that he relies on.

YOU have an amazing opportunity to help your local hospital be the best place for EVERYONE - babies, children, adults and the elderly.

And as you know, our population in the Waitakere & North Shore area is growing at a rapid speed. So it is vitally important that our healthcare system meets the growing needs so lives are not put at risk.

We hope today you will make a donation to immediately go towards making healthcare in your area the best it can possibly be. Your gift will help people like Francis to always receive excellent care!

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