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This Christmas you can help save the lives of sick & premature babies.

A very special Parent Room

Celeste was born weighing about the same as a block of butter. Her fragile, tiny body could fit in the palm of your hand. The smallest nappy in the photo is what Celeste had to wear.

This Christmas you can help save the lives of sick & premature babies. By giving a donation of $20, $30 or what you can afford to give to help build the Waitakere Hospital Special Care Baby Unit Parent Room.

This room is so special! It gives mums like Xenia - Celeste's mum - the chance to stay overnight for the very first time with their baby. They'll know everything that's required to look after their baby before going home.

To build the Parent Room it costs $120,000. It will have two beds, a TV, a small fridge, two bedside tables, a cupboard and an ensuite with a toilet, hand basin and shower.

Xenia never imagined she'd have a premature baby. Celeste was born 16 weeks early with many life-threatening health complications. After weeks in the hospital getting emergency treatment, there comes a time to take the tiny baby home. It's a terrifying moment for may mums. There is so much to learn about caring for a premature baby.

Xenia will need to know how to use a small machine to help Celeste breathe.

And learn life-saving skills in case she stops breathing.

Your donation will give them a safe place to build the skills they need to manage at home with their baby.

Please donate this Christmas to help save the lives of babies like Celeste. You will help mums build the confidence knowing they are giving their baby the best start to life: Donate here

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