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One of the hardest things Jouleen has had to do is leave her sick baby with ‘a group of strangers’...worrying if she’d still be alive in the morning.

I’ll tell you more about Jouleen in a minute. But first I want to let you know about an amazing opportunity for you to join the campaign to help keep families together – when they need it most!

You can be part of helping the Waitakere Hospital Special Care Baby Unit build more rooms so families like Jouleen’s can stay together.

This will mean families -- particularly mums with premature babies -- can stay together in hospital and bond during a very vulnerable time in their lives.

Currently, there is no room here for mums. They have to go home at night, leaving their fragile babies. It’s a very scary and anxious time, because many babies born too early have health complications – anything could go wrong at any time.

Just so you know, the Special Care Baby Unit extension project costs $5m. But we’ve already raised $4.65m. That means we only have $350,000 left to go!

You can help get this project over the line!

You will help keep families together because of your donation!

The first night Jouleen had to leave baby Elin she felt devastated. She knew Elin needed her bonding, strength and comfort, but Jouleen had no choice but to leave. Overnight Elin became so stressed without her mum that she curled up into a foetal position and wouldn’t move. The next morning when Jouleen visited, her heart dropped to see Elin like this. “I was crying. That day I was a mess.”

No mum wants to leave their baby. Especially at a time like that!

Here’s what your gift will help make possible:

• Build six new rooms (from 12 to 18) so families can stay close to their baby.

• Create a welcoming family-centred environment: designed around mums and bubs to support rest and recovery, and family bonding.

We don't have long to raise the $350K! Please join the campaign to keep families together and donate today!

Get your gift in by 31st March so you can deduct it from your taxes.

Yes! I would like to gift my donation to complete the Special Care Baby Unit and ensure families can stay together. Donate here


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