Professional development

A donation towards staff professional development is an investment in the health of your community.

Help health workers be the best they can be

Your help will inspire staff to be the best they can be and this benefits everybody.

Your donation could be used to support a midwife working with premature babies to visit and learn from another hospital with special expertise in this field.

It could assist an occupational therapist attend a course where top international practitioners provide expertise in a key area, such as increased mobility for older patients.

Or it could assist a social worker refresh their counselling skills and learn new ways of benefitting patients they see day to day.

While a separate source of funding exists for doctors to access professional development, a wide range of relevant opportunities available to nurses and other allied health workers are unable to be taken up due to funding constraints.

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If you would like your donation to go towards staff professional development, please select "Staff development" from the dropdown menu on our online donation form. Or you can choose another project, or to direct your gift to where it is currently most needed.

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