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Special gifts

Give in Celebration

Sometimes it can feel good to dedicate a special celebration to helping others in need.

If you would like to ask friends and family to consider making a gift to the Well Foundation instead of you receiving a gift on a particular occasion we would love to hear from you. We will provide information about how their gifts can make a difference.

We will also make sure they receive an official receipt for their tax deductible donation and thank them very much. If you would like, we will also send you the all round total of how much has been given due to your generosity.

There are many occasions where gifts can be made in celebration, for example weddings, anniversaries, christenings or naming ceremonies – any celebration, no matter how unusual could be dedicated in this way.

Give in Memory

You may wish to remember a loved one in a way that improves the loves of others.

It may be that you wish to honour a cause which was close to the heart of that loved one. A gift made in memory in lieu of flowers at a funeral or memorial service is an opportunity to do that.

You can make a donation in this way by using the online form and telling us who you wish to remember and, if you would like, something about that person. We will reflect your wishes back to you when we write back and send you an official receipt.

Talk to us

If you would like to hear more about giving in celebration or in memory, please contact us on 09 447 0138 or email


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