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AccuVein Finder Now In Use at Waitakere and North Shore Hospitals

Sunday 30 July, 2017
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Finding a vein to administer medication or IV fluid to patients can be tricky, particularly in babies, children and the elderly.

The AccuVein finder is a portable and lightweight device which allows health professionals to simply point the device at an area of the patient’s skin and click a button to illuminate the veins beneath.

And because it runs on a rechargeable battery, there’s no need to be near an electrical outlet making it quick and easy to use.

Through the Countdown Kids Hospital Appeal 2015, the Well Foundation successfully fundraised for two new AccuVein finders, with each machine now in regular use at both Waitakere and North Shore Hospitals.

Sarah Timmis, Charge Nurse Manager at Waitakere Hospital’s paediatric ward says, “the AccuVein finder has been incredibly useful, particularly when treating very young children and babies who find it extremely hard to stay still long enough for a nurse or doctor to find and insert a line into a vein for treatment. Not only is the machine quick and easy to use, but the red light that illuminates the veins is a great distraction for the kids while the IV line is being inserted.”

Thanks to the AccuVein finder, children at both Waitakere and North Shore Hospitals can now be treated faster and with less discomfort.


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