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Funds Needed For Third Mobile Health Clinic

Your support has enabled us to fund two new Mobile Health Clinics for our local Waitemata District Health Board community.

In October last year, the first Mobile Health Clinic was launched, reaching over 1500 children for ear assessments and treatments, across West Auckland, the North Shore and Rodney.

Just over a year in service, the new clinic is already changing the lives of many vulnerable families in the community.

When 10-year-old Etua Raki failed a school hearing test, his mum Tania took him to a mobile health clinic, parked at a school close to their home.

When the nurse removed a piece of lego and a small battery from one of Etua’s ear canals, which she guessed had been there for many years, Etua was referred for tests and treatment to try and reverse the damage that had been caused.

Without the Mobile Health Clinic service being available and easily accessible for Tania and Etua, it could have been many more years before Etua got the help he needed and the outcome could have been much worse.

Thanks to the generosity of our local community, a second clinic is now out in the community, visiting schools and swabbing throats as part of the Rheumatic Fever prevention throat swabbing programme to provide free throat swabs to children in the hope of eliminating the Strep A bug.

We are currently fundraising for a third Mobile Health Clinic which will provide dental services to children in the region.

This new purpose-built, state of the art Mobile Dental Health Clinic will provide much needed dental care into the community giving nurses the ability to treat patients on the spot and provide a solution to major oral health problems facing so many vulnerable children.

Recently a family with four children were brought to our attention who had missed 22 appointments between them. None of the children had been seen by the dental team due to non-attendance and the youngest, aged eight, had his first dental experience under general anaesthetic, having to have eight of his teeth extracted due to various levels of decay.

With over three quarters of the total needed for the new clinic raised, we are hard at work fundraising for the rest so that the new clinic can be on the road as soon as possible.

If you would like to support this third Mobile Health Clinic, please donate now.

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Second Mobile Health Clinic Now out in the community

The Well Foundation has funded a new Mobile Health Clinic which will be visiting schools in West Auckland and the North Shore as part of the Rheumatic Fever prevention throat swabbing programme to provide free throat swabs to children in the hope of eliminating the Strep A bug.

Ruth Noel, Team Leader of Child & Family West at Waitemata District Health Board says, “This wonderful new clinic replaces our existing 18-year-old cramped and mechanically unreliable van, allowing our nurses to see more children in harder to reach areas of the community. The van will have multiple uses by our service throughout the WDHB catchment e.g. the Western Park health clinic in Ranui and community based health event days such as Toddler day out”

With the new mobile clinic’s self-sufficient power supply, nurses no longer need to run a power lead to use it which allows it to go to new areas and locations within the West Auckland, North Shore and Rodney communities, reaching more children and their whanau than ever before.

The Mobile Health Clinic was funded by the Well Foundation – the official fundraising body of the Waitemata District Health Board – through generous donations from Pak N Save, The Southern Trust and the Sky City Auckland Community Trust.