Inner Wheel New Zealand Brings Comfort to Elderly Patients Living with Dementia

Women from Inner Wheel New Zealand
Monday 11 September, 2017

The wonderful women from 'Inner wheel New Zealand' have crafted a collection of handmade 'Fiddle Mitts' for older adult patients with dementia at North Shore Hospital. 

The woollen 'mitts' feature tactile items like buttons, lace, beads and bells which provide sensory modulation to soothe patients in times of stress or anxiety.

Club President, Julie Baker says the women in the club want to give back to their community. 

"We just want to help provide comfort and reassurance to people with dementia during a pretty stressful and confusing time," she says.

Pam Ninness, who has hand made a large number of these 'Fiddle Mitts' says knitting is one small way she can help others and she loves knowing her creations are helping people in her community.

"I love knitting and it's easy as I sit in front of the TV and watch sports while I knit. It's lovely knowing these things I've knitted, whether it's these mitts, or cardigans for babies are out there being used by people." 

The group are grateful for the generosity of the Rotary Club of East Coast Bays who is one of their main supporters. Their generosity allows the 'Inner Wheel Club' to assist with numerous community initiatives such as 'Days for Girls', 'Foster Hope' and 'Baby Bags'. 

Creating each 'Fiddle Mitt' is  an 8-hour process from start to finish, but the finished product brings so much comfort to older adults with dementia who use them to feel grounded during a highly emotional period.

We are so grateful for the incredible generosity of Julie, Pam and the rest of the team at Inner Wheel New Zealand for giving their time to bring comfort to vulnerable adults living with dementia. 

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