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Well Foundation Provides iPads For Clinicians

Monday 31 July, 2017

18-month-old Tyler Dalzell with his Mum

The Well Foundation successfully raised $122,000 to equip Waitemata DHB community therapists with iPad mobile devices to better care for both elderly and paediatric patients in their homes.

With a generous Douglas Goodfellow Charitable Trust grant as well as support from our local community, Waitemata DHB therapists have been able to use iPads to deliver therapy to numerous babies and children with complex disabilities within the region.

Their patients can have a range of diagnoses including autism, neurological conditions like cerebral palsy, developmental delay, swallowing disorders as well as intellectual disabilities.

iPads and other associated educational ‘apps’ enable them to use the latest developments in technology to improve their patients’ development and progress.

Being linked to a patient’s most up to date medical information, the iPads also save on administration time and increase efficiency tenfold, which has meant that therapists are now able to visit more patients in need each day.

18-month-old Tyler Dalzell is one of thousands of patients who have benefitted from his therapist’s with iPad.

Tyler is one of only three children in the country with a rare metabolic disorder. Tyler has low muscle tone which means he is yet to do things that other children his age are doing, like walk or talk.

With the help of an iPad, Tyler has made overwhelming progress. Tyler uses interactive apps on the iPad to develop his fine motor skills and due to the high engagement it is motivational enough to get him to complete his intensive regular therapy.

Your support has made this vital and life-changing project possible.

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