7,000 brand new mums need the support of their loved ones.

Every year, 7,000 babies are born at our region’s hospitals – 4,000 at North Shore and 3,000 at Waitākere. Mums and babies have an average stay in hospital of 2 days, increasing to 3-4 days for women who have a caesarean section.

In 2017, a review of the maternity policy showed that having a partner or loved one stay overnight with new mums and babies complements the care provided by hospital staff as well as reducing anxiety for new mums, who benefit from knowing they have someone close by who can help and support them.

This special time together increases the bonding time for families and has a positive effect on parents’ ability to cope once they are discharged and return home with their new born.

Whilst partners or other key support people are now welcome to stay, our maternity ward facilities have not kept pace with the change. Support people either need to rest in a chair or sometimes sleep on a mattress on the floor, far from creating the welcome, homely environment they need.

Our Maternity Chair project will provide 62 sleeping chairs, 26 at Waitākere Hospital and 36 at North Shore Hospital. These chairs will provide a comfortable place to sleep for family members supporting our new mums, helping create a supportive environment for our families and whānau, and are also suitable for feeding mums.

Each chair costs $1,730 – can you help us make this project a reality?

Every donation helps and 100% of donations will go to providing chairs to keep families together.


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