Mobile health clinics – soon there’ll be three

Wednesday 21 March, 2018
What colour will our third mobile health clinic be? We'll leave that to the public health nurses to decide when it arrives later this year.

Our second mobile health clinic is green.

Thanks to invaluable donor support, a third mobile clinic has been funded and will be helping many children and young families in your local community.

This mobile clinic will focus on dental treatment. Thousands of children currently missing out on care arrive at hospital when tooth decay and infection has become serious or even life threatening.
The mobile dental clinic will complement the second mobile unit launched late last year focusing on eliminating rheumatic fever.

Our first mobile health clinic, bought from donated funds in 2016, is also doing a great job checking ears/hearing among children in low decile areas.

As you know, prevention is better than cure and your help is vital to reaching those most in need. 


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