At the Well Foundation we take care to select projects that fit a number of criteria set by our board in consultation with Waitemata DHB.

Our main focus is on fundraising for equipment, research, staff development and special projects that will benefit the wider community but cannot be afforded through core funding. Whether it’s crucial medical research, a new piece of equipment that will help many, extra training for nurse and allied health staff or major projects to help create world class facilities, you can be assured that your donation will make a real impact.

You can direct your donation to one of the specific options listed below by choosing from the drop down menu on our online donation form. Or select “where it’s needed most” and we’ll allocate your donation to our current highest priority.

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  • Equipment Equipment We raise funds for new and innovative equipment to improve the services at North Shore and Waitakere Hospitals. MORE »
  • Special projects Special projects We work to fundraise for major projects which significantly benefit our local community. MORE »
  • Professional development Professional development Investing in our skilled people helps them become even better at what they do. MORE »
  • Research Research We fund research that supports continual improvement in patient services and care. MORE »


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