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Transport Incubator for Babies

Can you help us fund a transport incubator for newborn babies?

Braxton Ridge being transported in the Transport Incubator

When little Braxton Ridge was born prematurely at 36 weeks gestation at North Shore Hospital he was admitted to the hospital’s Special Care Baby Unit to be kept under monitoring in an incubator.

Mum Ebonie was recovering well from her emergency c-section but was very eager to be transferred to Waitakere Hospital so she could be close to her family and friends who all live locally in West Auckland.

The support of family and friends is essential to the emotional well-being of a new mother particularly in the early days after childbirth.

Luckily, two days after he was born, baby Braxton , who was already making incredible progress with his development was well enough to travel and was transferred safely back to Waitakere Hospital’s Special Care Baby Unit in a ‘Transport Incubator’ that travelled in an ambulance alongside his Mum and a Special Care Baby Unit Nurse who could provide any emergency treatment that was required during the transfer between hospitals.

We are currently fundraising to replace our current Transport Incubators with newer, more technologically advanced models which would enable better and more efficient care for our most vulnerable newborn babies.

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