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You Can Help Keep Kiwi Kids Warm This Winter

Donate now to help Kiwi kids stay warm this winter.

Families struggling to make ends meet often have to put up with living in cold, damp, mouldy and overcrowded homes which directly impacts the health of their children.

We are working to assist families with children who are admitted to hospital with illnesses which are directly related to poverty.

When the Fa’a family’s 3-year-old was admitted to hospital with bronchiolitis they revealed they had been living in a cold and draughty home with their three other children including a 2-week-old as well as two 7-year-olds, who had been missing school regularly due to illness.

With winter already upon us, thousands of vulnerable children from families like the Fa’a family, will get sick and end up in hospital with preventable illnesses like asthma, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, respiratory infections and rheumatic fever.

Living in damp, mouldy, cold and overcrowded homes hugely impacts the health of these children and often families can’t afford heating and lack basics like warm clothing. With your help, we hope to buy a bulk load of blankets and PJs for our community health teams to hand out to those most in need.

Your continued support makes all the difference to help these children stay healthy this winter. 

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