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Recognising every kind of supporter

Recognising every kind of supporter

Meet Iris Warren

We have lots of great people behind us at the Well Foundation, including local community groups, trusts, small businesses, corporate sponsors and volunteers. All of them make what we do a possibility.

We also have a number of individuals who do their bit to help us as often as they can. Iris Warren is one of our awesome regular donors who we value so much.

Iris has lived in the area for 51 years and first donated to the Well Foundation when we wrote to her in October 2014 asking for donations to our very first project. Since then Iris has contributed to many of our major projects.

Iris loves to help local charities when she can, especially when she is able to support a service that has been good to her. In late 2012, Iris spent 10 days in North Shore Hospital and the following year she says North Shore Hospital almost became her home.

“I’ve been on ward 2, ward 4, ward 6 and ward 8. Ward 8 definitely became my second home for a while and I even spent some time in Waitakere Hospital just before Christmas in 2013,” says Iris. “The care I received was outstanding, I couldn’t say a bad thing about it, so when I realised the Well Foundation was fundraising our local hospitals, I was very happy to do what I could.”

There are many of you out there like Iris and we’d love to hear what it is that inspires you to support our work. Please send us a little note with your name and contact details using the return envelope provided or send an email to


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