Impact Reports July 14, 2021

North Shore Hospital Chapel

Completed in 2015, Ahurewa ('Sacred Place') caters for all faiths. The space at North Shore Hospital includes a Muslim prayer room, a quiet room, seminar rooms and the main Chapel itself. This Flagship project for Well Foundation has allowed the hospital community a place for peaceful contemplation.

Thanks to our family of generous donors, together with Waitematā DHB, over $500,000 was raised to help provide a place of solace within an environment which can sometimes be unfamiliar and challenging.

Our chapel has been used for many different types of service, from memorial services for patients and staff to blessings, funerals and a wedding.

Special celebrations held in the Chapel such as Midwives Day, Cultural Awareness Weeks and Christmas services are just some of the ways the Chapel has invigorated life in the hospital and brought people together.

Over 70 people regularly attend the Chapel for the first Sunday of the month service. 40 to 50 people regularly attend the 2nd and 3rd Sunday services and there are visiting Chaplains in addition to our two full time Chaplains. Many services rely on the chapel to provide a space within the hospital where staff, patients and visitors alike can find peace and calm.

Generous donors also funded the purchase of the stunning stained glass windows (right). These windows, which form the focal point of the chapel, are over 100 years old and required careful crafting into place following their journey from Philadelphia, USA.

The chapel and its quiet room are a peaceful space for my clients and patients at North Shore Hospital. The space provides a sense of calm to clients, many of whom are experiencing various forms of grief and bereavement. The Spiritual setting also supports my work as I help clients navigate complex emotions and decision making processes.

Nurith Divekar, Maternity and Gynaecology Social Worker, North Shore Hospital

Our entire Chaplaincy service is so grateful and appreciative of the opportunity to provide a place such as Ahurewa for our community and neighbours at North Shore Hospital

Special Thanks to our Supporters:-

  • Liz & Paul Blackwell
  • Three Harbours Health Foundation
  • The Trusts Community Foundation
  • Harbour Hospice

Our impact is only made possible through the following incredibly generous organisations: