News February 28, 2020

We Have Building Consent

We are delighted to have received final building consent for the new Diagnostic Breast Service. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped get us this far….but we’re not done yet. Please help us reach our $2m target!

Now we have the consent in place we are finalising the building timeline with contractors and getting ready to start work.

We hope to have an update on the start date very soon but in the meantime the project team is finalising procurement of the additional diagnostic equipment that will form part of the expanded new service.

Although construction work will start the fundraising still continues as we aim to reach our target, please consider donating.

Over 100 people a week use this service and will benefit from the improved wait times and faster diagnosis made possible by the new facility and model of care.

Our impact is only made possible through the following incredibly generous organisations: