Impact Reports June 9, 2020

The Impact in Our Community

Thanks to our amazing community, our COVID-19 Action Fund has raised an incredible $136,307, funds that are now helping to establish remote care for patients in our communities, with wonderful results.

Thanks to the funds donated by our campaign partners at The Trusts, The Perpetual Guardian Foundation, Liz and Paul Blackwell – Albany Pak ‘n’ Save, and everyone who has generously donated directly to Well Foundation, we have been able to purchase blood pressure monitors, remote ECG machines, digital scales, thermomoters, pulse oximeters, and tablets needed by our clinical teams to monitor patients in their own homes. This initiative is already reducing the length of stays in hospital, and the number of hospital visits, while allowing patients to benefit from staying at home surrounded by the support of the families and whānau.

The impact of this initiative will extend well beyond the current Covid-19 response, and the results of the trial will inform new models of care for our region.

The first patients to benefit from this new way of working  are cardiology, renal and allied health patients.  The teams providing care to these patients across North and West Auckland have been extremely appreciative of your support. Here, in their own words they talk about the significant impact your generosity is making:

“It’s good to feel safe and to be able to do my own things with these magic tools that you provided and again thank you.”Cardiology Patient

 “I have given a blood pressure monitor to a patient with very high blood pressure which has led to cardiac complications so that I can assess the effect of medication changes and try to prevent any further complications for him including renal problems which he is at risk of as he also has diabetes.” Heather Brannigan, Cardiology Nurse Specialist

In addition to enabling remote patient monitoring, tablets are being used to support in-home therapy via video-conferencing.

 “The patient pictured recently had surgery at Auckland Hospital. He went home to West Auckland to recover and is receiving follow-up support from the Rehab Safe Community Therapists from Waitematā DHB Early Discharge and Rehabilitation Service (EDARS). With help of an iPad purchased by Well Foundation using the COVID-19 Action Fund, he is able to have regular telehealth therapy sessions without therapists having to be in his home. In this photo he is having a speech therapy session with Kate, one of our Waitematā DHB speech and language therapists.” Vanessa Trotman, Senior Clinician, REHAB SAFE (Early Discharge and Rehabilitation Service)

Renal Services across the region are also providing patients with devices and remote monitoring plans and we look forward to sharing their success stories with you soon. We also hope to be start trialling a new remote monitoring software interface for patients and clinicians and will update you as the formal trial progresses.

Thanks again for all your incredible support in making this happen – the positive impact for both our patients and staff has been enormous.

If you would like to know more about the difference your donations are making, or if you are interested in helping us benefit more patients, please call Anna Rennie (Director of Fundraising and Communications ) on 021 0231 2284 or donate online.

The blood pressure monitors have been invaluable for keeping patients safe, especially two of my patients, one patient was very symptomatic with  low blood pressure and I was able to adjust her medications and monitor her blood pressure remotely and she now feels much better without needing to spend time in hospital. For another unstable patient with low blood pressure, the blood pressure monitor has been a contributing factor in avoiding a hospital admission as I have been able to monitor him remotely and provide regular advice and medication recommendations.”

Heather Brannigan, Cardiology Nurse Specialist

Our impact is only made possible through the following incredibly generous organisations: